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McGill Pantry

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

******CALL TO ACTION******

Dear friends, colleagues, Chefs, family members, veterans, magic players and fellow members of the human race. Chefs4Vegas needs your help. Last week we were contacted by Project4Humanity about a crisis hitting one of our sister cities in the north. McGil Nevada is home to about 1200 people and the COVID-19 crisis has hit them very hard. With price inflation in stores in the town and their food pantry depleted they have been faced with a severe food shortage and lack of funds. During a recent visit one of the local politicians encountered a veteran so impoverished that he was eating dog food to survive. DOG FOOD. This is heartbreaking not only as a Chef and a veteran but as a human being and shouldn’t be happening in America. Together the other member of Chefs4Vegas and I in conjunction with Project4Humanity will be planning a trip to McGil Nevada on the 24th and we need your help. Our goal is to fill a large U-Haul with as much non-perishable food as we can and get it to the people of McGil. We are asking for you to look into your hearts and your cupboards and donate any non-perishables that you can. I will be collecting food in my home and have already begun turning my living room into a makeshift food bank. From there we will load a truck on the early morning of June 24th and head out to McGil to bring some relief to their town and its citizens. If you would like to make a monetary donation, that’s fine but please contact Project4Humanity on how to do so. Chefs4Vegas is ONLY collecting non-perishable goods. We have members all over town who can come and collect or message me for drop-off locations. Again I understand everyone of us has been affected by COVID-19 but every little bit helps and together we can make a huge difference for those in crisis.

Thank you

Justin Franco

President, ACF Chefs Las Vegas

Founding Member, Chefs4Vegas

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